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A Dangerous Deceit

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 385

Publisher: Soundings


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February, 1927: The remains of a man are found in the grounds of Maxtead Court, home of the wealthy Scroope family.

Meanwhile, Margaret Rees-Talbot is preparing for her wedding to the Rev Symon Scroope - to the disapproval of some residents of Folbury, who think it's too soon after the death of her father, Osbert, found drowned in his bath a few months previously. Before he died, Osbert had been writing an account of his experiences as a soldier during the Second Boer War. But what really happened in South Africa back in 1902? Then a second death occurs. And it becomes increasingly clear to the investigating DI Herbert Reardon that at least one Folbury resident has a shocking secret to hide.

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