Download Hearts Of Ice And Other Stories Pembroke Steel Book 2

Hearts of Ice and Other Stories (Pembroke Steel Book 2)

Gilbert M. Stack

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Pages: 137



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Now that the Great War is done, ace pilot Mitch Pembroke just wants to spend a few peaceful years enjoying the Roaring Twenties before he settles down and takes the corner office in his father’s company, Pembroke Steel. Unfortunately, peace is the last thing Mitch can find. Trouble follows wherever he goes and not even his best friend, boxer-turned-bodyguard, Kit Moran can keep him out of all of it. Hearts of Ice and Other Stories is the second volume in a series that blurs the line between historical fiction and dark fantasy. This second volume of the Pembroke Steel series collects four short stories and novellas at one low price:

Hearts of Ice

When Mitch’s wealthy father summons him to the family’s long unused mountain hunting lodge, he reluctantly packs his bags and catches the next train to Colorado. Corazón del Hielo—the Heart of Ice—was once the focus of many happy family vacations, but it’s also the last place anyone saw his cousin—alive or dead. It’s been thirteen years now since the boy mysteriously disappeared and what Mitch doesn't remember about that night may just kill him…

A Taste of Yuletide Vengeance

When Mitch makes a surprise visit to see Kit and his family over Christmas, he’s only trying to get away from his domineering parents and their never-ending plans to end his bachelor ways. A little snow, a few carols and maybe a little harmless flirting with Kit’s sisters promises a pleasant change in atmosphere from the tense matchmaking of the Pembroke household. But the light-hearted visit takes a nasty turn when neighbors find Kit’s mother lying beaten and bloody on the sidewalk. With Mrs. Moran unconscious and Kit seeing red, it’s up to Mitch to help his friend secure A Taste of Yuletide Vengeance.

Kid Sister

When Mitch and Kit receive news that an old war buddy has gone missing, they drop everything to travel to Baltimore and search for him. Their one real link to the missing man is his Kid Sister, but it’s just possible she’s also the reason he’s disappeared…

Riddle of the Deceiver

When Mitch and Kit get involved in a search for a missing school teacher, they get more than they bargained for. Miss Egan is not the only resident of her Maine logging town to have gone missing in recent weeks and her terrified neighbors are desperate for answers. Are the disappearances really tied to an old Native American legend or is there an even more sinister solution? Can Mitch and Kit find Miss Egan or will they too end up victims of the Deceiver?

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