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More Than Willing

Laura Landon

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 334

Publisher: Prairie Muse Publishing; 2 edition (January 13, 2014)


Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 9.1 MB

Downloadable formats: PDF

Note to readers: This is the second publication of MORE THAN WILLING. In 2010 it was released by Wild Rose Press, and was Laura Landon’s very first book to make its way into the hands of eager readers. In the subsequent two years, Laura has published five books with Prairie Muse, selling over 170,000 copies, and in October of 2012 Amazon released three of Laura’s books that vaulted her to the top of the most-read romance and historical authors lists at Amazon for many consecutive weeks. At the time of this release, she remains among the Top 20 Authors of Historical Romance at Amazon.


Grayson Delaney is a hero you'll never forget. The second son of the Earl of Camden, he knows what it’s like to do something so horrific that he can never be forgiven. As penance, he lives up to everyone’s low expectations. But when his father tires of his son’s wastrel existence, Gray is forced to earn his living by running the brewery his father won in a card game. Now, he must learn everything about the brewery before anyone discovers that he is the new owner, while proving to the woman with whom he’s fallen desperately in love that he is nothing like her father.

Lady Margaret Bradford has one passion – the brewery that’s been in her father’s family for generations. But from the moment Grayson Delaney enters her life, she realizes she’s not only in danger of losing the brewery that she loves, but also of losing her heart – to a man exactly like her father.

Now, she must not only safeguard the brewery from accidents that are getting more deadly by the day, but protect her heart from a man who causes her to lose control of her emotions at every turn.

If only he had never kissed her and awakened the passion she was so certain she’d buried.


Loudwater Mystery, The genre

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