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When orphan Isis Robinson began writing pen pal letters to his soldier friend Andrew Malone in 1968, he never had any idea he’d develop such an admiration for the man. No one else thought the little boy, who’d been abandoned by his parents, had much to be happy for, but when each new letter came in from Sgt. Malone, Isis was overjoyed. When tragedy struck and Andrew Malone was killed in combat in Vietnam on March 1,1969, Isis believed his life with Sergeant Andrew Malone in it, was over.

Now, thirty-six years later, Isis spends his time searching for his birth father. In doing so he runs across some clues in an old country song that put his search for his father on hold. He sought out the writer of the song, which told the story of a soldier who drove a Corvette, the same kind Sgt. Malone had driven during their only face-to-face meeting when he took him to see Mickey Mantle play in Washington D.C. years before.

When Isis explored the oddity that the two soldiers, the one in the famous song and his former pen pal, shared the same name, he finds more oddities that suggest Sergeant Malone had been kidnapped and murdered as a kid by a man who was possibly Isis’ own father. It didn’t make any sense how Malone could have been killed years before he went to Vietnam, yet still been alive enough to write the letters that indicate who his true murderer was years after he supposedly disappeared. Now four decades later Isis must re-read each of his pen pal’s letters to find the clues that will lead to an answer.

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