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The Man They Couldn't Hang - Screenplay Format (Victorian Crime)

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John "Babbacombe" Lee is one of the most notorious murderers in British criminal history! Lee was sentenced to death for the brutal murder of his elderly landlady in Babbacombe, Devon in 1884. However, on the morning of 23rd February 1885 the infamous hangman James Berry failed on three consecutive occasions to successfully hang Lee.

Was it incompetence, providence, a practical joke or the rain from the night before which caused the gallows to malfunction? Which ever way, there was not a man in England who did not have an opinion on why Lee was still alive.

But if Lee wasn't the killer then who was? Was it his mad Lawyer who was having an inappropriate relationship with Lee's pregnant Sister? Was it Lee's Sister herself? Or was it perhaps one of many others who'd suddenly taken a disliking to the meddling elderly landlady?

This screenplay, based on a true story follows hundreds of hours of research going back over one hundred years. What really happened on that fateful night in a secluded beach house?

If not for Jack the Ripper who emerged onto the scene of Victorian England only 3 years later, John "Babbacombe" Lee would be the most infamous convicted "killer" in history!


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