Download The Seven Swans A Hertfordshire Pub Mystery The Seven Swans Pub Mysteries Book 1 online

The Seven Swans: A Hertfordshire Pub Mystery (The Seven Swans Pub Mysteries Book 1)

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Take a wry protagonist with a cast of quirky frenemies, add a dash of Wodehousian wit, mix in a mystery that would stump Miss Marple, throw it all through time, and you have the charming and delightful Seven Swans Mysteries.

With the loss of his wife and livelihood, sixty-year-old Spencer Stevens has nothing much left except a forty-year-old snapshot of a lost love and the right to renovate and run a derelict Hertfordshire public house. Spencer's struggle to solve the mysteries of his failed life and loves precipitates him into a long-ago mystery involving plague, a conniving abbot, and a beautiful girl in a swan-white gown, shot in the back with an arrow.

The Seven Swans pub is loaded with secrets spanning centuries, and one of them may hold the key to a second chance for Spencer's happiness.

This is the first in the "Hertfordshire Pub Mystery" series of novellas, by the author of the delightful "Stella Ryman and the Fairmount Manor Mysteries."

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