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Us Five Got Talking...

Tom Shearman

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In the darkest days of World War One, Britain has a brave new hero to lift its flagging spirits – the boy soldier Private Bill Barraclough VC. But when a mysterious letter lands on his desk bizarrely accusing the underage infantryman of murdering his best friend, an un-named intelligence officer reluctantly feels compelled to investigate.

The trail leads from London to a war-ravaged seaside town on the East coast of England - ironically, the very town the agent has been running away from all his life…

Inspired by Wilfred Owen’s famous war poem The Chances, 'Us Five Got Talking…' is an absorbing historical mystery with a complex but compelling plot and sharp first person narrative reminiscent of Len Deighton or even Raymond Chandler.

"If 'The Ipcress File' Harry Palmer’s granddad was in the same line of espionage work, this would be his story…"

Tom Shearman is the pen-name of a well-known newspaper and magazine journalist.

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