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No absurd amounts of money had been spent (Scrooge was particularly pleased to note that), but there was plenty of ivy, holly and rosemary about. Two large brass candelabra had been placed before the altar, which itself boasted a white embroidered frontal. In the chancel there were red hangings on the wall, and there were flowers on the altar screen. Throughout, the church was filled with light. Scrooge was impressed with all this, and he could see that Billy was too: the boy's mouth hung open in astonishment.

And yet despite that, Fred and his wife had still left a place for him. 'Thank you,’ he muttered. ‘Thank you very much. ' Fred raised his eyebrows enquiringly. 'Er.... ’ Scrooge moved towards the window and motioned the others to join him. ‘But earlier this morning I persuaded a young lad to run an errand for me. ' They looked out and saw Billy waiting patiently at the foot of the steps. He was watching a cab roll by, the snow flicking out backwards from under its wheels. 'To tell you the truth I didn't have the heart to just tip him and send him away.

What was more, his nose was running, and if there was one thing Scrooge could not abide it was a runny nose; he passed over his handkerchief and gave instructions for its use. Billy used it and made to pass it back. 'No,’ said Scrooge sharply. ' 'Cor, thanks.... ' The porridge arrived and consequently conversation ceased for a while. Billy had evidently been taught how to use a spoon at some point, but his table manners were none too polished. However, Scrooge made no comment, not even when the plate was held up and licked clean.

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