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Southern China. and all of south-east Asia to Sulawesi and the Philippines: introduced into Papua New Guinea. ~ (Mocquard, 1890) SVL to 86 mm. A tfee gecko from nOl1hern Borneo: txxly ~Iender: preanal groove absent: dorsum brown to yellowish-brown with irregular dark spots that may form dark cross-bars: head with dark brown lateral band from snout-tip to nape: limbs and tail dark-banded. Inhabits dipterocarp rainforests to montane oak forests. between 150-2500 m. Diet comprises insects and other arthropods and two eggs are produced at a time.

TIm. A tfee-dwelling lizard kno\\ n onl) from two localities frolllthe 10\\ hill .. of central Sara\~ak; body .. lender: snout obtusely pointed: body sca le~ smooth: dor,um oli\e-gre). some ~caks edged \\ith black. forming four longitudinal stripes. Ilanb \\ ith black-edged brown sca lc~: inhabit, the midhills; nothing is "nm\ n of it~ diet or rcprodUC11\C habit;,. Distribution: Endemic to Borneo.

Sri Lanka. southern China, east through sOUlh-east Asia to New Guinea. and the South Pacific: introduced into Panama. Ecuador. Galapagos Islands and Central America. 7 Illill. A house gecko from the hills ofnorthcm Romeo: body slender, with a wide tail: dorsum greyish-brown: a pair of da rk triangular markings on side of tail hase. Only known from walls of buildings, its diet presumably comprises insects and two eggs are produced at a time. Distribution: Endemic to Borneo (Sahah). 5 mm. ,o: hody slender: digits half-wehhcd: ~kin fold" present on limb~: tail depressed \\ilh lateral ~pi n e~: dorsulll light grey, with mi nute black spots on head, hody and limbs.

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