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For measurements designed to be used in the calculation of the relative amounts of the various forms of carbon dioxide (COZ - , HCO/ , and free C02 ) the highest possible precision is required in pH measurement. 01 can be achieved and then the greatest care in sampling and standardization is required. - B. OUTLINE OF METHOD The pH of a sample is measured by a glass electrode and electrometer-type pH meter after taking certain precautions in sampling and standardization. The pH is measured at laboratory temperature and pressure and the pH of the sea water in situ is derived by calculations involving a knowledge of the temperature and pressure of the sample when taken.

DETERMINATION OF SULPHIDE INTRODUCTION Sulphide is found in anoxic sea water and may be present in small amounts even when there is a low concentration of oxygen. The method described here, depending on the formation of Lauth's violet from p-phenylenediamine, is a simple application to sea water of a well established colorimetric method for sulphide. Other substituted p-phenylenediamines have been used but there is little indication that one is better than another. A critical study by Kato, Takei and Ogasawara ( Technol.

Note the pH and the temperature of the solution, pHm and tm, respectively. If the sample was initially at a temperature of t C when taken at a depth d meters, its correct pH, in situ, is given by the expression : pH8 = pHm - o: ( t - tm) neglecting pressure effects. 1. EXPERIMENTAL QUANTITIES 31 pHtt = pH. - {3d Values for the coefficients a and {3 are given in Part VI, Tables III and IV. The temperature correction should always be applied before making the calculations described later. The pressure variation is negligible for samples taken above about 500 m.

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