By Leslie H Stennes; Michigan State University. African Studies Center

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Non-Transformational Syntax: Formal and Explicit Models of Grammar

This authoritative creation explores the 4 major non-transformational syntactic frameworks: Head-driven word constitution Grammar, Lexical-Functional Grammar, Categorial Grammar, and less complicated Syntax. It additionally considers a number of concerns that come up in reference to those methods, together with questions about processing and acquisition.

Event Structures in Linguistic Form and Interpretation

This quantity addresses the matter of ways language expresses conceptual info on occasion buildings and the way such info may be reconstructed within the interpretation procedure. The papers current vital new insights into contemporary semantic and syntactic examine at the subject. the amount offers with the subsequent difficulties intimately: occasion constitution and syntactic building, occasion constitution and amendment, occasion constitution and plurality, occasion constitution and temporal relation, occasion constitution and scenario point, and occasion constitution and language ontology.

Constraints and Preferences

The critical subject matter of this assortment is the epistemological prestige of constraints and personal tastes in linguistics. The contributions concentration regularly on phonology; one article bargains explicitly with morphology. The ways to phonology represented within the quantity are these of average Phonology, executive Phonology, Optimality thought, autosegemental phonology, and computational phonology.

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