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However, a term like the one we just Concepts and Theories of Physics 23 discarded (Aa&) may be acceptable in a theory of massive gauge particles. 21) Again we see the combination m / A , so A may be absorbed here if so desired as it has been elsewhere. If we consider &Q 4-component Dirac fields, it can be shown that a locally gauge- invariant Lagrangian can only be obtained if we introduce three vector fields (&,g,&). These can be thought of as a kind of 3-vector A,. It is also necessary to change the definition of F, used above.

2, this is commonly ascribed to vacuum polarization. Thus, a positive charge (say) surrounded by virtual electrons and positrons tends to attract the former and repel the latter. ) There is therefore a screening process, which means that the effective value of the embedded charge (and a) increases as the distance Concepts and Theories of Physics 27 decreases. In analogy with QED, there is a similar process in QCD, but due to the different nature of the interaction the coupling parameter decreases as the distance decreases.

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