By Ping-Sheng Tseng

Widespread use of parallel processing becomes a truth provided that the method of porting purposes to parallel desktops may be mostly computerized. frequently it really is basic for a person to figure out how an program will be mapped onto a parallel computing device; besides the fact that, the particular improvement of parallel code, if performed by means of hand, is usually tricky and time eating. Parallelizing compilers, which may gen­ erate parallel code immediately, are accordingly a key expertise for parallel processing. during this booklet, Ping-Sheng Tseng describes a parallelizing compiler for systolic arrays, known as AL. even though parallelizing compilers are very common for shared-memory parallel machines, the AL compiler is without doubt one of the first operating parallelizing compilers for dispensed­ reminiscence machines, of which systolic arrays are a distinct case. The AL compiler takes good thing about the positive grain and excessive bandwidth interprocessor communique functions in a systolic structure to generate effective parallel code. xii Foreword whereas able to dealing with a big category of functions, AL isn't meant to be a general-purpose parallelizing compiler.

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For example, the SOR program has 500 DARRAY slices; we only have to duplicate 20 DARRAY slices in a 10-cell Warp machine, that is only 4% of the useful memory space. 3 Distributed loop parallelism Loop distribution exploits two basic forms of parallelism: intraloop parallelism and interloop parallelism. To simplify the illustration, we will use the simple loop distribution model in this section. In the simple loop distribution model, each loop iteration is assigned to execute on a different cell.

In this section, we analyze the needs of intercell communication without considering the architectural limitations of a linear systolic array. We assume that the systolic array has as many cells as data compatibility classes in the DO* loop so that we can simply assign data compatibility class C i to reside on cell i and loop iteration i to execute on cell i. We assume cells are fully interconnected so that any cell can communicate with any other cell directly. We call such a loop distribution model the simple loop distribution model.

However, given a set of DARRAYs, the AL compiler automatically distributes DARRAY slices and loop iterations to exploit loop parallelism. 4 Related work Using compilers to generate parallel code for Warp started with the Apply compiler [8]. Apply is a language for defining window operators on an image. The Apply compiler takes the definition of a window operator and generates a W2 program which reads in an image, applies the operator to all the pixels, and writes out the transformed image. Although Apply has a very limited application domain, it is an example of array-oblivious systolic array programming.

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