By Stephen Cheung

This article addresses the first environmental components affecting humans after they are exercise and competing in recreation and offers evidence-based info with various references.

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2003). Ultimately, replacement of terms such as dry, wet, and globe temperature with simply temperature and humidity—terms already in common use in most public weather forecasts—gives the ESI a greater potential for understanding and use by the general public. In addition, the removal of globe and wet temperatures should make for a faster-responding index, increasing its utility in dynamic settings such as inside moving vehicles or for multiple sampling over the course of a marathon. Fundamentals of Temperature Regulation Cold Stress As we have all noticed during winter months, there is a large difference in how cold we feel on a cold but calm day as opposed to a cold plus windy day.

In my particular case (Cheung and McLellan 1998), we were testing the separate and interactive effects of hydration status, physical fitness, and heat acclimation on exercise tolerance during exercise in the heat with nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) protective clothing. 5% body mass, and before and after a two-week period of heat acclimation. 3 °C for moderately and highly fit groups, respectively, which was resistant to changes in hydration or acclimation status. The majority of the moderately fit subjects all terminated exercise due to exhaustion, while most of the highly fit subjects stopped because they had reached ethical cutoff temperatures.

For example, the Snellen air calorimeter was recently constructed and developed by Dr. Glen Kenny in the Human and Environmental Physiology Research Unit at the University of Ottawa, requiring additional infrastructure including its location in a pressurized room, with control of operating temperature over a range of –15 to +35 °C; control of ambient relative humidity over a range of 20% to 65%; incorporation of an air mass flow measuring system to provide real-time measurement of air mass flow through the calorimeter; incorporation of a constant-load “eddy current” resistance ergometer; and an open-circuit, expired gas analysis calorimetry system (Reardon et al.

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