By National Research Council, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, National Materials Advisory Board, Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems, Committee on Advanced Fibers for High-Temperature Ceramic Composites

High-temperature ceramic fibers are the major elements of ceramic matrix composites (CMCs). Ceramic fiber homes (strength, temperature and creep resistance, for example)-along with the debonding features in their coatings-determine the homes of CMCs. This document outlines the cutting-edge in high-temperature ceramic fibers and coatings, assesses fibers and coatings when it comes to destiny wishes, and recommends promising avenues of analysis. CMCs also are mentioned during this report back to supply a context for discussing high-temperature ceramic fibers and coatings.

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This fiber had the best creep resistance of all the polycrystalline ceramic fibers fabricated to date. 02 mils). The Sylramic fiber is a polymer-derived SiC fiber in which B is incorporated prior to sintering, resulting in a fully crystalline material. Because this fiber is sintered at higher temperatures than most other fibers, the creep resistance is comparable to the Carborundum fiber while strength is retained or slightly increased. The Sylramic fiber is much stronger than other stoichiometric SiC fibers.

General Considerations The performance of thermally loaded components (in the absence of inertial loading) is dictated by thermally induced strain: εT= α∆T, where α is the thermal expansion coefficient, and ∆T is the temperature difference between adjacent regions of the component. The relationship between CMC failure strain (εf) and thermally induced strain (εT) can be used as a metric to rank materials for preliminary designs within regions subject to high thermal flux: εf> εT (1) The relationship between the strain at the proportional limit (εp, strain at which matrix cracking occurs) and εT ranks materials for general thermal loads: εp > εT (2) About this PDF file: This new digital representation of the original work has been recomposed from XML files created from the original paper book, not from the original typesetting files.

In view of its impressive thermal stability, however, this new material should be extensively researched. FIGURE 3-11 Structure of the diffusion barrier coating forming on oxidation at the surface of SiBN3C. Source: Baldus, 1997. Very little data in the literature relate room-temperature modulus values to aging history. Given that stiffness is a critical property for CMC engine applications (Chapter 2), research in this area is certainly warranted. Thermal Conductivity (Diffusivity) and Electrical Conductivity (Resistivity) as a Function of Temperature and Aging History Very little data in the literature deal with the influence of test temperature and aging history on the thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity of CMCs.

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