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Non-Transformational Syntax: Formal and Explicit Models of Grammar

This authoritative advent explores the 4 major non-transformational syntactic frameworks: Head-driven word constitution Grammar, Lexical-Functional Grammar, Categorial Grammar, and less complicated Syntax. It additionally considers a number matters that come up in reference to those techniques, together with questions on processing and acquisition.

Event Structures in Linguistic Form and Interpretation

This quantity addresses the matter of ways language expresses conceptual info on occasion constructions and the way such details might be reconstructed within the interpretation strategy. The papers current very important new insights into fresh semantic and syntactic study at the subject. the quantity offers with the next difficulties intimately: occasion constitution and syntactic development, occasion constitution and amendment, occasion constitution and plurality, occasion constitution and temporal relation, occasion constitution and scenario point, and occasion constitution and language ontology.

Constraints and Preferences

The critical subject of this assortment is the epistemological prestige of constraints and personal tastes in linguistics. The contributions concentration usually on phonology; one article bargains explicitly with morphology. The methods to phonology represented within the quantity are these of normal Phonology, govt Phonology, Optimality thought, autosegemental phonology, and computational phonology.

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See Allen 1978 who advances some of the same sorts of criticisms and in greater detail. One additional problem is that Roeper and Siegel's analysis introduces a systematic redundancy into the description of English morphology. Their claim is that the affixes involved in verbal compounds are generated by a set of rules entirely distinct from those that introduce the same affixes in deverbal nouns and adjectives which do not appear in verbal compounds. Were there only a small set of these affixes the redundancy would not be so glaring.

14 N V N V Yaf [mplur] zaf m piur m pers m tns where m - + - or an integer In the formulation of these word structure rules the affix category is specified for particular diacritic features. Given the present theory, only affixes whose lexical entries are marked for these features may be inserted into affix positions of the word structures generated by these rules. An alternative analysis of the rules would not involve this direct use of diacritic features in rules: The Syntax of Words 72 In this case, affixes could be freely inserted into these positions from the lexicon, bringing with them their own feature specifications.

N [+plur] fitns There is evidence in favor of the latter alternative. It comes from the N [+plur] plurals of noun compounds which are themselves composed of verb plus particle: pickups, runaways, sit-ins, Pushovers etc. 67). 69) a. N V [+past] Al V [+past] V / V b. 67. 67) are problematic for Siegel and Allen's "level ordering" theory of morphology, which does not countenance the appearance of inflectional affixes "outside" compounds; we encountered this situa- out dance -ed out dance -ed The full representation is given here in that the inflectional features associated with the nodes are included.

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