By Norman K Glendenning

In an excellent flash approximately fourteen billion years in the past, time and subject have been born in one fast of production. An immensely sizzling and dense universe all started its quick growth far and wide, developing area the place there has been no house and time the place there has been no time. within the excessive fireplace simply after the start, the lightest parts have been cast, later to shape primordial clouds that at last advanced into galaxies, stars, and planets. This evolution is the tale instructed during this interesting ebook. Interwoven with the storyline are brief items at the pioneering women and men who printed these wonders to us.

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The particle's own lifetime, t, is related to the dilated time, T, observed in the laboratory relative to which the particle is moving, by the relation VI - («/c)2 Why is it important to learn about unusual particles that no longer exist naturally? Because the early universe whose high temperature afforded the energy needed to create them must have been pervaded by a great multitude of various particles and their antiparticles. The cosmologist needs this kind of information — particle types, their lifetimes, their interrelations— to trace how the universe evolved from near its beginning to the present universe of galaxies, stars, planets, and atoms of many kinds.

26 Norman K. Glendenning years, provides the approximate age of the universe. T h e length of time t h a t any pair of distant galaxies has been moving apart is given approximately by their separation divided by the speed at which they are moving apart. 18 T h e age determined in this way is about 15 billion years, and as a round number this is what we quote as the age of the universe (see Box 4 ) . 1 9 T h a t is the time in the past when the material t h a t constitutes the stars today began its outward journey into the future.

Just how distant and numerous the stars are, was not imagined until William Herschel speculated in the late 1700s t h a t some of the hazy patches of light t h a t could be seen among the stars through his telescope were actually distant "island universes". He proposed t h a t the Milky Way was also such an island of stars in a vast empty space. M. Clerke, "Caroline Lucretia Herschel", Dictionary of National Biography XXVI (London, 1891), pp. 260-3. 18 Norman K. Glendenning F i g . 11. Caroline Herschel (1750-1848), singer and amateur astronomer, the first woman to be salaried as an astronomer (by George III of England), winner of the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society, and of the Gold Medal for Science by the King of Prussia, discoverer of many galaxies and nebulae.

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