By IBM Redbooks, Abhijit Chavan, International Business Machines Corporation

This IBM Redbook discusses interoperability when it comes to UNIX to UNIX go platform info sharing and user/system administration. This redbook additionally demonstrates the similarities and ameliorations among the AIX and Linux working structures.

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Htm Chapter 2. 1 are at least 80 MB on the /home file system. Make sure that there is enough space or the ldapcfg program will fail. conf with a convenient link in /etc. However, you should use a standard browser with support for frames for configuration and administration. html and log in with the DN you set with ldapcfg (default is cn=root). The navigational area is in the frame on the left side. A sample window of the Web browser is shown in Figure 2-3. Figure 2-3 IBM Directory Server Web administration interface Password encoding In Example 2-2 on page 19, the userPassword attribute begins with the “{crypt}” string.

If AIX applications are to use PAM authentication services through the AIX security mechanism by setting the SYSTEM grammar in /etc/security/user, they can choose the PAM service by setting the PAM_SERVICE environment variable. These AIX applications and services set the PAM_SERVICE variables: ftp, login, passwd, rexec, rlogin, rsh, su, and telnet. conf, the PAM service that will be used is OTHER. 2 includes complete support for development of PAM applications. As a proof of concept, we compile and run a small PAM helper program whose purpose is to enable PAM authentication for the squid Web caching server.

Com), the configuration and setup are similar, and they can even share the LDAP configuration file. We illustrate the Linux security subsystem in Figure 2-6 on page 36. Chapter 2. 3 PAM and NSS LDAP modules on AIX The PAM LDAP module and AIX LDAP loadable authentication module authenticate users in very different ways. On the one hand, the PAM LDAP module authenticates users by trying to perform the LDAP bind operation as the given user. On the other hand, the AIX LDAP module (or, more precisely, the secldapclntd client side daemon) binds to the LDAP server as a privileged user, reads the user password, computes the hash of the user supplied password, and finally compares the two.

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