Официальный рекламный проспект В/О Автоэкспорт, посвященный автомобилю Автомобильного завода имени Ленинского Комсомола (АЗЛК) Aleko-141 (Москвич-2141).

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To these individuals we owe our greatest debt of gratitude. We hope we have represented your feelings, aspirations, and attitudes accurately. We write this for you. The people we should name for providing help with this research are so numerous that we are sure to leave out a few. We apologize. Those whom it is impossible for us to forget, deserving our special thanks, are those many individuals, spread across many decent organizations and agencies, who dedicate their lives to improving the lot of farmworkers and the working poor.

This came in the form of legalization.  . A technique more insidious than ingenious was devised and put in effect by the agencies of the United States Government having responsibility for law enforcement and procurement of labor. In this improvisation, the Immigration and Naturalization Service would be allowed to "deport" the wetback by having him brought to the border, at which point the wetback would be given an identification slip. Momentarily, he would step across the boundary line. Having thus been subjected to the magic of token deportation, the illegal alien was now merely alien and was eligible to step back across the boundary to be legally contracted.

In the case studies in this volumefor example, in Berrien County, Michiganfarmers have relied on African Americans from the South; whites from Arkansas and Appalachia; Filipinos; and finally, after World War II, Mexicans, on whom they continue to rely today. John Steinbeck left us an enduring portrait of agriculture during the 1930s in The Grapes of Wrath, and most of us know this decade for the widespread displacement of farmers from their land throughout the Midwest because of foreclosures and drought.

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