By Kunihiko Kasahara

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This exciting mix of artwork and geometry will excite either your creativity and your interest. Out from less than your palms will come strikingly beautiful varieties: want by yourself home made taking pictures big name, all silvery, golden, or fiery crimson; “grow” beautiful crimson paper cherry blossoms (symbol of Japan, domestic of origami), and construct pyramids, cubic modules, and different dimensional figures.

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But they take a short-term view of Japan. When they claim that Japan does not change, they are speaking about the period after the Second World War. If one looks at Tokugawa Japan [1600-1868] or Meiji Japan [1868-1912] or Showa Japan [1926-1989], one can see that Japan has changed radically. I believe Japan is a country of enormous flexibility and resilience; as the times change, it will inevitably change as well and will be able to avoid even seemingly unavoidable frictions. In this respect the assertions of the revisionists are mistaken.

Soviet society may well contain deficiencies which will eventually weaken its own total potential. This would of itself warrant the United States entering with reasonable confidence upon a policy of firm containment. History has corroborated the truth of these views, written more than forty-five years ago. America's "Russian containment policy" has proven to be a successful strategy against the Soviet Union. What if, in the above quote, "Japan" were substituted for the "Soviet Union," and ''in the economic arena" for "in the political arena"?

Although the atmosphere of fear and hostility has eased somewhat as the United States and Japan have both turned inward to deal with their respective domestic economic problems, many Americans have come to regard Japan's economic success as a threat to their own way of life. S. economy is being radically restructured. Since World War II, the enemy, both militarily and ideologically, has been the Soviet Union. " By the end of the decade Mikhail Gorbachev's perestroika policy had led to a new detente, brought an end to the cold war, and ushered in a new era of East-West cooperation.

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