By David Paul Whistler, Xiaoming Wang, Lawrence G Barnes

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1996, and Eernisse, 1997) over apparently sound fossil evidence to the contrary; this may prove to be an error. Brusca (2000) suggests a way to reconcile the issues if early pentastomids were Rationale parasites of early fish-like vertebrates as represented by the conodonts, many of which were present in the Cambrian. , 1978). This classification has been questioned recently by Almeida and Christoffersen (1999), who do not consider pentastomes to be crustaceans. Almeida and Christoffersen suggest, based on a cladistic analysis of available genera, the recognition of the Raillietiellida as a new order to contain their new family Raillietiellidae (for the genus Raillietiella), the recognition of the Reighardiida as a new order to contain the family Reighardiidae, and the dissolution of the family Sambonidae.

Newman, pers. ), based in part on the fact that there are still gaps in the known life cycle of tantulocarids following the work of Boxshall and Lincoln (1987) and Huys et al. (1993). As Grygier (pers. ’’ Newman (pers. ’’ A recent review of the Facetotecta was provided by Grygier (1996a). , by Newman, 1992), but that rank is changed to infraclass here to accommodate the constituent taxa that have been elevated to (or treated as) orders by Grygier (1987a, b) and Newman (1987, 1996), whose classifications we follow (see also Grygier, 1983a, b, 1987c, 1996b).

Thus, the infraclass currently consists of two orders, Laurida and Dendrogastrida, each with three families. , Høeg, 1992a) or whether the Rhizocephala are early offshoots of the cirripedian line and not members of the crown group (as in Newman, 1982, 1987; Grygier, 1983a; Schram, 1986) is not settled. However, there appears to be a growing consensus that the Rhizocephala and the Cirripedia form a monophyletic group. Høeg (1992a) provides strong evidence based on larval morphology, and Spears et al.

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