By E. Crompton (Auth.)

This e-book covers all elements of the research of seawater together with the main complicated actual options. Sampling, the decision of anions, disolved gases, atomic absorption, tracking radioactive degrees, non-metallic compounds are all mentioned in flip

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8(a) The effect of salinity on the sensitivity of standard additions of ammonia in laboratory mixed waters ( · ) and in waters from the Tamar estuary ( A ) expressed as % of response in river water. For comparison, the salt error curves reported by Grasshoff and Johannsen [64] and Loder and Gilbert [65] are also shown (... and —, respectively), (b) Contribution of refractive index and organic absorbance to the optical blanks in the Chemlab Colorimeter. C. I. ) NaOH) from an internal solution 0 .

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